The Game

Mindframe Arena

Mindframe Arena is a fun, fast paced, challenging game combining classic board gameplay with collectable characters and upgrades.

Create and manage your faction of mini warriors called Tecs. Lead them to victory, overcoming other factions and the omnipotent oligarch that is Metrix. Metrix was one of the designers who created the Mindframe Arena and he wants to remain in control. Tecs are the native characters that inhabit this virtual world. Each one has different spells and they are organised into groups called factions. You need to learn about their skills and abilities and create your own faction to journey to the centre of the arena.

Why is Mindframe Arena going to be so good!

  • – A unique combination of card and board gaming
  • – Chess strategy mixed with spell casting!
  • – The Tecs – colourful diverse characters designed for a broader player appeal
  • – The Tec Spells: bring a visceral arcade feel to board gaming
  • – Quick to learn yet remains challenging for advanced players
  • – Over 100 Tecs to collect in 6 massive game worlds
  • – For Android, Apple and PC platforms
  • – Free to play

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Game Features

  • – A unique combination of card and board gameplay
  • – The Mindframe network and sub-worlds
  • – Over 100 Tec characters to collect
  • – Over 80 spells and attacks to master
  • – The digital daemon Metrix – his story and surprises
  • – Quick to learn and play online
  • – For Android, Apple and PC
  • – Free to play!

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