Mindframe Arena at PlayersXpo 2017

On the weekend of October 28th and 29th was amazing for those who love games and had the chance to go to the PlayersXpo 2017 in Dublin! As you might know this super gaming event reunited all of the hottest in the gaming universe (including us!) and retro gaming enthusiasts. You could meet your favourite Youtubers, Twitch Streamers and Game Developers, sometimes some of them were just walking around, making it easier to take selfies and to talk to them!

During the event we saw amazing cosplayers walking around – we even got some pictures of cosplayers at our Mindframe Arena stand!…. thank you guys

Mindframe Arena’s stand had great feedback on the game from the adults and especially from the young players. We are aware now that there are kids waiting for the game to be released because they were excited to play it! Well, we can say for sure that it wasn’t just only a great experience for the visitors but also for us. We had the chance to show our game and we got loads of positive feedback. This is what keeps us motivated to release the game as soon as possible!

We want to thank all the gamers who came to our stand and played Mindframe Arena and if you couldn’t go but want to try the game, sign up clicking here and give your thoughts about the game.

A big thank you to Michael Finucane, PlayersXpo 2017 Creative Director for the opportunity to be part of this amazing experience and all the guys who organised this event directly and indirectly. PlayersXpo 2017 was produced by professional gamers for passionate gamers. The event was well organised with no queues on entry – it was possible to play any game available without waiting for too long and most of them you didn’t need to wait to play.